Estate Law: Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients often come to us with questions regarding estate law as it pertains to them, their children, and their aging parents.

Estate LawIf you’ve asked yourself any of the frequently asked questions listed below regarding estate law, we would love to answer those questions and provide you with legal advice and services specific to your living situation.  We can assist in all areas of estate law including planning and administration of living wills, wills, life insurance trusts, special needs trusts, family farm trusts,  power of attorney, nursing home planning and more.  In addition to estate law, we also handle administration of simple and complex estates and trust, probate litigation and proceedings, maintain proper records, and prepare necessary inheritance tax filings with federal and state officials.

Estate Law: FAQ’s

  1. I am concerned about losing my assets to the high costs of long-term care for myself and my spouse. Will we lose everything to pay for care, or are there options?
  2. My child is disabled. How can I protect his or her future?
  3. How can I set things up so my kids’ inheritance will be protected if they get divorced or are sued?
  4. My parents are aging. What should I know to help them to remain independent and protect their assets?
  5. How can I minimize or eliminate paying taxes upon my death?
  6. Do I have to be wealthy to benefit from a living trust? What are its benefits?
  7. If I can’t make legal and financial decisions for myself, how can I be sure my affairs are conducted in my best interest?
  8. If I am too ill to make health care decisions for myself, how can I be sure my wishes will be carried out?
  9. How can I be sure my money and property end up in the right hands when I’m gone?
  10. My parent just passed away. What do I do now?

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