Bankruptcy Can Happen at Any Time. Learn how You can Combat it.

Presently, each household with a credit card averages $8,398 in credit card debt. Sometimes we overspend. However, if you believe you cannot handle your financial load you may want to obtain a bankruptcy attorney. Antanavage Farbiarz is here to help for your bankruptcy needs and help you regain control over your finances. Our goal is to help you eliminate debt so you can have a fresh start and more options for a brighter financial future.

Our team will discuss options for your specific case, and work with you to prepare a custom-tailored plan to address your financial circumstances. We will use our knowledge and expertise to help you use bankruptcy laws to your advantage and help you get that fresh start.

Bankruptcy laws are made to protect you. Post-bankruptcy, expect to move forward and to continuing a life of financial growth with peace of mind. Some of the areas we assist with include, but are not limited to:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 is a proceeding under federal law in which the debtor seeks relief from creditors. For individuals and businesses, this is a way to eliminate most debt in a matter of months and get a fresh start.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also called a wage earner’s plan. It enables individuals with regular income to develop a plan to repay all or part of their debts. For individuals, this allows you to keep your assets and make a payment plan on your debt that lasts 3-5 years. Certain small businesses may also qualify. Contact us today to see if you qualify.

Foreclosure Defense or Avoidance

A Foreclosure occurs when a bank that holds a mortgage or lien files with the Court to involuntarily repossess your home to satisfy their mortgage. If you are in foreclosure or have received notices from your bank threatening foreclosure contact us today to see if filing for bankruptcy is in your best interest and can help you save your home.