Corporate & Business Law

Listed Below Are Corporate & Business Law Fields

Chiefly, it is important to understand legal implications around your business. Whether you are just starting out or have been operating successfully for many years, a clear understanding of laws and regulations will help you achieve your goals within the confines of the law. Accordingly, Antanavage Farbiarz will help you structure your business transactions legally, providing practical, cost-effective and efficient solutions that will protect your organization’s future.

We specialize in a broad range of corporate, family owned, family/farm and small business legal services including, but not limited to:

Business Formation

The term Business Formation is for different ways of legally structuring your business.

Business Purchase/Sale

Purchasing is the act of buying the goods and services companies need to operate and/or manufacture products. With different processes of selling and buying goods, and materials, we teach what can be purchased and sold by your business.

Contract Law

An agreement that binds two people for a service to be paid for or for another service is a contract. Because of this, contract law will show you forms of contracts and what can and can’t be addressed.

General Counsel

For any general legal guidance or other needs we offer general counsel.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers are blending two companies into one. An acquisition is the purchase of a company by another. Mergers and acquisition law requires a finesse to keep both business parties amicable.

Small Business Counseling

A small business owner may not understand every facet of the law. Our counsel will explain what is within your rights, what can and cannot be done by your business.

Succession Planning

When it is time to retire, a succession plan will come handy. Developing a successor will come with contracts and legal bindings that will ensure the posterity of your business.