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Local government entities and property owners require specialized legal services to navigate the varying state, local, regional and municipal codes. Antanavage Farbiarz proactively work with government entities to resolve disputes as they arise, serving as solicitor to the governing or zoning board. In addition, we represent property owners through the complex and intricate process of obtaining necessary permits, approvals and/or zoning relief.

Antanavage Farbiarz provide a full range of municipal and governmental legal services including, but not limited to:

Board Governance

Essentially, Board Directors share joint power when it comes to wealth and organization of an institution. Since it is a split power, our team can explain what can be done by a single or group efforts within the law.


Wage labor is the relationship between a worker and an employer. Generally, the worker sells labor under a contract. We will make sure you understand what is asked of you by your job. Above all, we will make sure contract is fair, and legal.

Representation of Zoning Hearing Boards

Basically, the board uses their power is to ensure the fair application of the Zoning Code. Moreover, when it comes to zoning you need to know what can be legally done.

Zoning Relief

Relief from the ordinance due to circumstances, which the owner would face an issue.

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